Dr Jack MacArthur's legacy is amazing and here is a big long sentence or two about how great it is and how much we love him.



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In Loving Memory of God's Faithful Servant


Dr. Jack MacArthur
March 30, 1914 - June 15, 2005

Dear Voice of Calvary Friends,

After a long and fruitful life, the Lord called our beloved pastor/teacher, Dr. Jack MacArthur, home to be with Him. On June 15th, he quietly took his last breath and instantly left his body to experience the joy of heaven and the face of his Lord Jesus.

Throughout his life Dr. MacArthur stood for the Lord in conviction, conduct and character. The Psalmist affirmed the importance of spiritual integrity in ministers when he wrote, "My eyes shall be on the faithful. He who walks in a blameless way, he shall minister to me" (Ps. 101:6). Dr. Jack was a man of integrity, above reproach in his life and ministry, though aware of his sinfulness and need for God's grace. In fact, his favorite hymn was "Grace Greater Than Our Sin."

For those of you who are interested in contributing to a memorial fund for Dr. MacArthur, he had a very special love for The Master's Seminary, where his son John serves as president. The Master's Seminary is training a new generation of Bible expositors for our nation and the world. Checks can be made payable to The Master's Seminary, 13248 Roscoe Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352.

Rejoice with us that the preacher we have loved and learned from is in pure, holy fellowship with his Lord. Well done good and faithful servant!

Warmly yours in Him,

The Voice of Calvary Legacy


Concluding 63 Years of Ministry


Dear Voice of Calvary Family,

When radio listeners in Pasadena, California first tuned in to Voice of Calvary on June 28th, 1942, Dr. Jack MacArthur was a young preacher just a few years out of seminary. As the pastor of Eagle Rock Baptist Church near Los Angeles, he felt the call to reach beyond his church to share God's Word. Concerning his decision to take to the airwaves, he would later write, "I felt that the Lord just opened a door and pushed me in."

That door remained open for over 63 years, and the radio and literature ministry of Voice of Calvary reached tens of thousands of men, women, and children with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ/ But now, with the homecoming of Dr. Jack on June 15th of the year 2005, the door has been shut. In the final months of 2005, Dr. Jack's messages were archived and sent to The Master's Seminary library, where they will be a resource for future generations of seminary students.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our Voice of Calvary family, for keeping this ministry alive. We also want to thank Voice of Calvary board president Patricia Stoner-Barnett for over 20 years of dedication to the organization, board member Steve Tetrick, part-time secretary Alisa Maricle, and program announcer Dave Weinkauf.

Our prayer is that as we conclude our broadcasts, the message of the Voice of Calvary will continue to bear fruit until the day our Lord comes to establish His eternal Kingdom.

In Him,

Janie Brown
Office Manager
Assistant to Dr. Jack MacArthur


A Father's Legacy


March 30, 1914 - June 15, 2005

My Dad, Dr. John "Jack" MacArthur, was born March 30, 1914, in Calgary, Alberta, to Harry and Olivia Fullerton MacArthur. His mother's father was a Presbyterian minister on Prince Edward Island, and his father, who dedicated his life to Christ as an adult, served as a pastor and an example for his young son.

For Dad, a boyhood desire to experience his father's faith grew into a lifelong devotion to preach God's Word. After graduating from public schools in California and from Los Angeles City College, he studied at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, where he received a theological degree. He would later receive a doctorate of literature degree from Pacific College, now Azusa Pacific University, and an honorary doctorate of divinity from Bob Jones University.

On June 25. 1937, Dad married Irene Dockendorf in Los Angeles, and after finishing seminary, he accepted the pastorate at Manchester Baptist Church in Los Angeles. He left that church to travel as an evangelist, preaching at many city and union campaigns throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. He served on the Extension Staff of Moody Bible institute and later became the director of Charles E. Fuller Evangelistic Foundation. During this time, his growing family lived in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Dad's time spent at Eagle Rock Baptist Church near Los Angeles in the early 1940's was momentous as the Voice of Calvary took to the airwaves in 1942 with the encouragement of the church's board.

My grandfather took over the church's pastorate in 1943 as Dad moved to Fountain Avenue Baptist Church in Hollywood, California. At Fountain Avenue, Dad helped establish the Holly wood Christian group, an outreach to people in the film and television industries. He counted Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who came to Christ under his preaching, as close personal friends.

From fountain Avenue, Dad moved to First Baptist Church in Downey, California. The church became the fastest growing in the denomination under his leadership. He then moved his sphere of influence to Glendale, California, planting Harry MacArthur Memorial Bible Church in memory of his father. The church was later renamed Calvary Bible Church after moving to Burbank. Dad's tenure lasted 15 years, during which I became associate pastor.

In 1969, as I took the pastorate at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California where I remain today, Dad moved north to First Baptist Church in Eugene, Oregon. He served as pastor until 1977 when he took a position at Des Plaines Bible Church in Illinois. He also served as a pastor in Solvang, California, and Langley, British Columbia. He returned to Eugene in 1991, accepting many opportunities to preach and teach.

Through the years as he presented God's Word, Dad's emphasis was on biblical exposition and apologetics. As he taught, he revealed his love of literature. His personal library consisted of more than 3,000 books, several of which he authored, including, Alpha and Omega, How to Stay Away From the Psychiatrist, Exploring the Next World and So You Have Trouble?

In addition, Voice of Calvary published a series of books on the various themes and subjects presented on the program. He produced expositional commentaries on Matthew and Acts.

When Dad stood before a podium to speak, a three ring binder was placed next to his Bible. Each of his messages was typed out and placed in that notebook for easy delivery. As he taught, he quoted numerous sources, showing his love for reading and his knowledge of well-known and not-so-well-known news items.

In addition to reading, Dad enjoyed playing golf and spending time with his family. He and Mom had four children: myself, Jeanette DeAngelis, Julie Noll, and Jane Chase, and their spouses, who blessed them with 17 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren. Julie died in 1997 of cancer, and Mom met her Savior on January 14, 1999. The family misses them greatly.

Dad never retired from his work of presenting the Gospel to listeners, though he did slow down a bit. He began to attract a new generation of listeners eager to fall in love with the Scripture. He taught a Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Eugene that was originally designed for senior citizens but drew many others, including college students, seeking to better understand the Bible.

Dad concluded his teaching in January 2005, two months shy of his 91st birthday, though his messages continued to air on his Voice of Calvary radio program. About 5 p.m. on June 15, God called His faithful servant home, and Dad met his Lord Jesus face-to-face. His life was celebrated at a memorial service on June 28, 2005.

All the family and those who serve at Voice of Calvary would like to thank those who contributed to the memorial fund for the Master's Seminary, where Dad participated since its beginning in 1986. He was passionate  and concerned for future generations who would depend on the ministry of faithful men of God, who were trained to exposit Scripture and defend the faith with conviction and clarity.

There already exists a memorial section of the seminary library dedicated to my mother, Irene, which was Dad's desire for gifts sent in her memory. Now, in his memory, that section will bear both their names, and the funds will be used completely for the training of the next generation of preachers and missionaries who will follow in Dad's footsteps.

I thank God for gracing my life with a father who loved his Lord, his wife and children, and set for me a pattern of faithfulness to the truth, written and INcarnate - to the end. Until he went to heaven his life was a model of integrity.

I miss him greatly, as does my wife, Patricia, and our four children: Matthew Mark, Marcy and Melinda, along with their spouses and children. But we will all meet soon in our Lord's presence, never to be separated.

Thank you for making his ministry such a joy to him and thus to us.

John MacArthur

II Corinthians 4:5-7


MacArthur was a "Servant of the Cross"


My wife Terri and I got to know our dear friend, Dr. Jack MacArthur, during the last eight or nine years of his life. It was a humbling privilege and a genuine blessing for which we will forever be grateful.

In his inimitable, humble manner, Dr. Jack never thought of himself a "bibliographer," which we always took as a description of his unique gift to be able to read and recall almost verbatim while portions of the wonderful works of other great men of God.

I don't know what terms others might use to describe him, but I can assure you that Dr. Jack MacArthur was most definitely a kind, humble servant of the cross whose likes we will not meet again in our lifetime. Sad to say, there just aren't many of such godly men around.

Dr. Jack was a walking history book. He was a link between gifted preachers of bygone decades whose names we had only seen in print. But Dr. Jack brought them alive for us because he literally rubbed elbows with so many of them.

Above all else, Terri and I are most grateful that we could call Dr. Jack our "friend," and what a friend and mentor he was to both of us. We praise God that He saw fit to grace our life with the presence of his.

No words will ever be able to accurately express what he meant to us and so many thousands more.

John Politan

Guest speaker on Voice of Calvary